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  • TOMCC International Trifest 2022

    TOMCC International Trifest 2022

    The Guernsey Branch of the TOMCC UK will hold a week long event centred around the annual Liberation celebrations,7th to 14th May and it will be open to all WATOC clubs. 

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    2021-11-17 12:32
  • TOMCC New Zealnd National Rally 2022 18-20 February Auckland

    TOMCC New Zealnd National Rally 2022 18-20 February Auckland

    Once again its time for the earliest rally of the year, on the Southern hemisphere, bookings need to be quick on this one as entry closes on 1st December. Please also bear in mind the changing situation with Covid restrictions in New Zealand. Should be a great weekend hosted by the Auckland Chapter at Clarkes Beach holiday park. 

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    2021-11-15 20:10
  • TOCN Holland Voorjaarstreffen 2022

    TOCN Holland Voorjaarstreffen 2022

    A traditional opening to the rally season in the Northern Hemisphere, unfortunately has been missing for two years but will be back with a bang in 2022. Held over the weekend of April 23-24 very definately an overseas rally even for the majority of TOCN members ! to be held on the Isle of Texel. More detail early next year, but definately one to put in your diary.

    2021-11-15 20:09
  • Advance notice for 2022 TMOC Gemany Sommertreffen

    Advance notice for 2022 TMOC Gemany Sommertreffen

    So time to start planning for 2022 and first Rally on the list is the German Sommertreffen on the weekend of July22-24, and will be held at the well established site in Hilders in central Germany. This attracts a lot of international interest and is definately one for anyone looking for thier first international rally. Well organised and good value, highly recommended. More details will be available early next year.

    2021-11-15 20:07
  • Britannia Rally Danmark

    Britannia Rally Danmark

    14-16 August 2020 Britannia Rally Rodkaersbro, Danmark TOC-DK

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    2020-02-17 08:00
  • Trumpettreffen


    19-21 June 2020 Trumpettreffen To be announced TOCN

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    2020-02-14 09:57
  • Triton Rally (25års jubeleum)

    Triton Rally (25års jubeleum)

    15-17 May 2020 Triton Rally Central, Montluçon Center of France CTF

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    2020-02-14 09:51
  • Voorjaarstreffen Texel

    Voorjaarstreffen Texel

    18-19 April Voorjaarstreffen Texel, Netherlands TOCN

    2020-02-11 10:26
  • Sommertreffen Hilders

    Sommertreffen Hilders

    5-7 June 2020, Sommertreffen Hilders, Germany TMOC

    2020-02-11 09:57